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Internship at Fermilab,USA; The long term effects

I want to tell you about myself and my background because despite of what you think about yourself now, the opportunities through Lab-x is for you if you have the right Passion! Born in a very middle class family in Kerala, Southern India. As someone said, most Indian kids have Survival Stories rather than Childhood stories, my parallel survival story is yet to complete. Lets talk about my passion - Somewhere in the middle of school days my passion towards science/technology started. As usual, having fun by making stuffs like small electromagnets, small boats and other sorts very small science experiments were my hobby. I have started participating in Science Exhibitions from 7TH standard onwards but never succeeded in getting any prizes! 5 years gone like that but never missed to participate in any of them. I could have applied to at least 50 competitions by 12th grade and then that happened. Malayala Manorama a leading newspaper in Kerala funded my project for Rs. 7,000 – First Mile…
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The Big Magnet

In the summer of 2013, the Muon g-2 team successfully transported a 50-foot-wide electromagnet from Long Island to the Chicago suburbs in one piece. The move took 35 days and traversed 3,200 miles over land and sea. Thousands of people followed the move of the ring, and thousands were on hand to greet it upon its arrival at Fermilab.(From )
It's a big piece of engineering challenge and success of team work. The way people work here is entirely different from what I have seen before. Before coming here my concept about a physics research centre was entirely different. I was expecting serious scientist's, no food , no entertainments , etc etc .! But it's entirely different here.Every one having a lot of fun , still maintaining the professionalism which rare to see in our lifestyle .Its not an office, its a lifestyle.!By taking this big move as example I can explain that.
 Even weeks before the arrival of magnet it become a big news. Thousand&…

Tevatron Ring

The Tevatron is accelerator ring like LHC which accelerate protons and anti protons in a 6.86 km ring to energies of up to 1 TeV.The Tevatron was completed in 1983 at a cost of $120 million and was the world's largest particle accelerator since Large Hadron colider.

  It was an awesome experience for me to see the tevatron ring which is just below the ground. They worked more than one hour to clean the area from radio active materials to enable us to see inside the ring.

   Red colored magnets in the picture are superconducting which is cooled by liquid Nitrogen.Fermilab produce large amount of liquid nitrogen at very low cost. These magnets are the main components of the ring which keeps the particles in the right path with right energy.
Accelerator particles from the ring is send to different experiments with in Fermilab. Operators of the ring are in charge of sending particles to different sites at right time. One of them respond like this about his job.  " Awesome place …

Underground Tour at Fermilab

It was one of the rememberable trips in my life. Because my mother always tell me about a underground mine  that she gone while in her school. So when I heard there is a underground lab in fermilab , I tried to get a trip to down.!

We got a fermilab taxi from Wilson hall to Minos lab we got a small saftey class from Deborah. She explained how to use emergency exits and saftey oxygon mask's in case of any emergency. For saftey Fermilab is the best place I have ever seen in my life.

The most interesting thing I  noticed is that ,  neutrinos are pointed to an old iron mine in Soudan , Minnesota which is under 800 meter underground, around 700 mile away from the underground lab. Neutrinos will not interfere with anything. So it can be send through underground.

Constructing detector for Nova experiment. Each layer have a 4 inch steel plate which weigh more than 20,000 lbs

How I reached FERMILAB

I never thought I will would get a chance even to go outside India ! But everything happen.It all happened because of StartUpVillage and Labx Foundation.
LabX Foundation is a non-profit Organization which aims to give international exposure to Indian students. Some of the founders of labx are Sampreeti Bhattacharya , currently doing her PhD at MIT and Ketan Dande , working at Bosch.  Sampreeti had done a internship like this at Fermilab years ago when she was student at India. With a good intention other students also should get opportunities like that they founded Lab-X.

Startup Village gave me a scholarship which takes my travel expense and visa fee. The guidance from the part of SV is great. At least once you should go there and see what it is. Then you won't come back.!
It was on the 31st January ,  at mid night I got a call from Sijo Kuruvilla . He told me there is a program which takes interns from India and do apply for that. It was a short call. But I believe that call change…

24_06_2013 Officially the First Day

I wake up in the   early morning  and ready by 8 to reach there early. Aseet picked me from there to Wilson hall and then to user's office inside that. I had to get ID card to start working , for that I have to pass a online test. The lady there in user's office explained well to me what I have to do. From there to Office area  and I got some place in Felix's office who is also an Intern. Then started looking at the material I have to go through to attend the test. Then I realized that Fermilab have well arranged safety systems and plans. Felix took me to the CDF Hall where orientation class is going on. Am so happy to see a professor , Ramesh, from CUSAT, Kochi who is waiting to attend the class. Safety officer explained about the safety measures and whom to contact when something goes wrong. The main topic was Tornado. Am scared a little bit by hearing the word Tornado.! She told me that there are tornado shelters everywhere and should go to them when there is a warning. …